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Free download Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare game full PC

Free download Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare game full PC. Read game detail before download.
Free download Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare game full PC Free download Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare game full PC
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the fourth installment of the series from Activision and is a first-person shooter war . Unlike previous chapters , where the game depicted in all three episodes the Second World War , the game is set in a historical period closer to our days, this chapter is dedicated to the war against hypothetical coalition of ultra- Russian nationalists and Islamic terrorists. This makes it possible for players to use the U.S. Marines and British SAS .
Another difference with respect to its predecessors is that the command to observe with binoculars was replaced with one for the body to run and use the butt of the body goes to the use of a knife ( also features present in later chapters ) .
In September 2009, has sold more than 14 million copies of the game making it one of the most profitable games from Activision .
The sequel of Modern Warfare was released November 10, 2009 with the name Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. On the same date the port was released for the Wii console called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare : Reflex . She has also been published in a version for the Nintendo DS.
In 2011 , Sergeant ” Soap” MacTavish of the 22nd SAS Regiment , in exercise training camps in Britain, meets his superior , Captain Price and Gaz . The team of Price is deposited onto a cargo ship that Estonia should contain plans for nuclear weapons , as reported by their informant among ultranationalists . The SAS , after neutralizing the Russian crew , they find the material in a container with Arabic writing , but the team then has to flee because of an attack by Russian MiG that will sink the ship. Became aware of the fact that their Russian informant Nikolai fell prisoner behind enemy lines , Price and his men infiltrate the Russian outpost to prepare the extraction of their man. Apparently the leak seems to work for the best, but an anti-aircraft strikes the helicopter in western Russia forcing SAS drives to be escorted out of the country with the help of an AC-130 .
At the same time Sergeant Paul Jackson, of the 1st Force Recon Marines will land with his platoon led by Lieutenant Vasquez in the territory of the Middle East in the Arabian Peninsula , where you just come to power and the military rebel Khaled Al- Asad , who has recently executed the head of government previously in charge, Yasir Al- Fulani . The Americans after closing all the streets burst into the headquarters of the state television where it is suspected that Al- Asad is airing a new press but the marines discover that it was just a recording. Shortly after the Allied ground forces will be tasked to go help the crew of an Abrams, code-named ” War Pig ” , trapped in a swamp . After neutralizing the flak wagon will be escorted through the ruins of the city.
The battalion can finally throw the offensive in the capital in an attempt to capture Al- Asad, but a nuclear warhead explodes mysteriously razing the town and killing the marines in stock including Jackson, who in the last moments of his life will look at the destroyed city.
Immediately after the disaster , the team of Soap manages to capture Al- Asad in a small village in Azerbaijan. While Price interrogates him the old fashioned way , the phone rings and Al- Asad Price, answering , he discovers that the real creator of the plan is Imran Zakhaev , the leader of the ultra-nationalist and former Russian arms dealer , believed dead for 15 years. Then Price kills Al- Asad , considering it useless as a hostage.
Captain Price , 15 years earlier, was a lieutenant in the British army . The purpose of the latter under the guidance of Captain MacMillan was to penetrate Pryp’jat ‘ ( Chernobyl ‘ ) , Ukraine, and after reaching a lookout , kill Imran Zakhaev with a sniper rifle Barrett M82 . Unfortunately Zakhaev survived losing only one arm .
After the long journey back in time the team will have to resist Soap ultranationalists who want to recover Al- Asad – or what ‘s left of it – and with no small effort will be able to be escorted out of the country . The SAS and Marine, in a joint ( ” joint operation” ) , they decide to get on the trail of Viktor Zakhaev to know where to find her father Imran . After a long chase Viktor will trapped on the roof of a building and , not to be captured , will commit suicide with his gun.
For the unity of Soap no choice but to break into a Russian missile base that Zakhaev won . Just before entering, are launched against the United States two SS -27 with MIRV warheads . To prevent the explosion the men of the SAS and the Marines penetrate into the base and destroy missiles in flight as a result of cancellation codes captured by the Russians. Price, Soap and Sergeant Griggs succeed in their aim and prepare the flight , which proves to be a failure as a Hind will blow the bridge on which they are passing ultranationalists giving way to reach them. Griggs and Gaz lose their lives , while Price will be seriously injured. When Zakhaev drops his guard Soap took the opportunity to shoot him. Meanwhile loyalists Russian Kamarov land at the crash site except Soap and bringing in also trying to revive Price, of which, however, we can not know the fate … At the end of the game there is an epilogue where a special team attacks the crew armed with a Boeing 747 and hijacks . This mission was picked up for Special Operations of MW3 . At the end you have to shoot at the head of the terrorist , rescue the hostage and jump from the plane before it explodes.
Arcade Mode
When all of the storyline missions you will have access to a ‘Arcade’ mode , in which you must perform the missions accumulating points . You can choose from two types of Arcade : complete challenge and challenge mission. The challenge is complete replay all the missions in order starting from the first without the ability to save and then do a complete calculation or at the end of the storyline or the death of the player . The challenge mission is to replay any mission that will, in his individual record that can be improved .
Characters [edit | edit source ]
Sergeant ( then ) Captain John ” Soap” MacTavish – 22nd SAS Regiment
Yasir Al- Fulani – President Middle East ( view only )
Sergeant Paul Jackson – United States Marine Corps
Gunner unknown – Air support with AC-130
Lieutenant John Price – 22nd SAS Regiment (15 years ago )
Gaz – 22nd SAS Regiment
Captain Price – 22nd SAS Regiment
Sergeant Kamarov – Loyalist
Nikolai – Loyalist
Lieutenant Vasquez – Marine Corps of the United States
Sergeant Griggs – Marine Corps of the United States
Captain MacMillan – 22nd SAS Regiment (15 years ago )
Sergeant Wallcroft – 22nd SAS Regiment
Corporal Griffen – 22nd SAS Regiment
Khaled Al- Asad – Middle Eastern Dictator
Viktor Zakhaev – Commander-in- chief of the army ultranationalist
Imran Zakhaev – Leader of the ultra-nationalist party

Online Degrees in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
The multiplayer mode allows for extensive customization of their firearms , which is expanded as you advance in rank. Are available to special abilities and multiple challenges to complete to get more experience points. The maximum you can get is 55 which corresponds to ” Commander ” . There are several modes of play:
Options of the game:
Veteran (also called Hardcore) : in mode veteran has a greater damage and lower life . In veteran mode does not show the remaining bullets and video interface is no longer available .
Classic mode (or Old School ) : In this mode the gameplay mimics that of the old shooter games , increasing the life and the number of shots the weapon , making all begin with a Skorpion and then collect other weapons or power-ups around the map and applying the old effect of transmission of force to the body of one who is killed, it immediately becomes a dummy pushed away by the force of the fatal blow.
Mode game:
Team Deathmatch . Battle between two teams . The size is determined by the slots players that the server on which you play provides. Can be 1 vs 1 up to 32 vs 32 (maximum size of slots) .
Search and Destroy . The mode is to detonate one of the two objectives of the enemy (A or B).
Sabotage. Similar to Search and Destroy . At the center of the map there is a bomb that must be placed in enemy territory. The first team that manages to place the bomb and detonate it wins the game.
All against All : any team. The winners are the top three finishers .
Domain. In the map there are three centers to conquer , we must try to maintain and achieve a score of 200 or more .
Headquarters . In neutral territory there is a station (called QG ) that must be conquered and defense, the opposing team must win back the enemy HQ , which just made it disappear and appear another for the field. The first team to reach the target score wins the match .
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare : Reflex [edit | edit source ]
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare : Reflex is the version for the Wii console , released on 10 November 2009. It was stated that the game is the same as the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 , including all the DLC came out, but do not guarantee the same graphics division of HD counterparts . The conversion was carried out by Treyarch (formerly authors conversions on PlayStation 2 and the first chapters of the realization of Call of Duty 3 and Call of Duty: World at War ) . The most important point of this title is its gameplay . You can interact in a realistic way : in fact, thanks to the Wii Zapper , you can hold in his hands a ” gun” to interact with the game.
Quotations and references
It can be traced to the year of setting of the game , ie in 2011 , thanks to a reference to the Chernobyl disaster ‘ , it was said that happened 10 years before the mission of Price, set to turn 15 years before the events .
The mission ” Charlie does not surf” is a tribute to the song by the English band “the Clash ” whose song is called just charlie do not surf .
The song ” The Church “, sung by rapper Sean Price , can be heard at the end of the mission ” Charlie do not surf” ( in the original version : ” Charlie do not surf” ) . The Serg . Griggs stops the recorded voice of Al- Asad and replaces it with that song.
The soundtrack , entitled “Deep Hard,” was written and sung by Mark Grigsby . The text begins with a reference to rap Call of Duty 2 . Throughout the song there are the real voices of the characters in the storyline . Mark Grisby also mentions, in rhyme , Captain MacMillan and the attack all’ultranazionalista Zakhaev .
In mission 14 , this act II called ” Sicario infallible ” ( in the original version : ” One shot , one kill ” ) , Captain MacMillan quotes the same sentence as Bob Lee Swagger , played by Mark Wahlberg in the film Shooter. The same mission as the original title ” One Shot, One Kill” which is a clear reference to the movie One Shot One Kill – A without fail.
The name of Captain MacMillan is a reference to the company “McMillan Bros Rifle Co. ” manufacturer of firearms.
The city of Pripyat, walking in missions 13 and 14 really exists and is in Ukraine around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant ‘ . Infinity Ward has faithfully reproduced some areas symbol of the ghost town : the entrance to Chernobyl blocked , drawings graffiti on the walls , the center of the city where there is a large square , the hotel, the swimming pool ( treated in detail ) , the carnival and the ferris wheel.
At the end of the mission ” Epilogue ” appears a postcard with pictures of the characters, and the writing in English “Heart breakers and life takers . Thanks for playing ! Semper Fi ” or “Chop hearts ( in the sense of womanizing ) and murderers . Thanks for playing! Semper Fidelis ” . Semper Fidelis motto of the Marines, even if it is used in the presence of soldiers of the SAS .
During the mission ” The room” you can walk into a room containing a large computer of all the same , in appearance and sounds, the WOPR , or the super computer in the movie Wargames has the task of managing all nuclear weapons the United States.
Price was already in the SAS 15 years before the main events and this is very strange given that you can remain in service in the SAS for a maximum of 6 years.
The death of Zakhaev is not the last mission of the game. After the credits you will face another mission , an operation by the SAS , which will hijack a plane load of ultra-nationalists and then rescue a hostage , that you do not know the identity .
In the first mission the crew is sent to attack a ship in the Bering Strait . In the final part of the game is asserted that ended the search for a ship disappeared in the Barents Sea , due to a heavy storm .
The mission near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has also been taken as a multiplayer map in the game Modern Warfare 2 as the Wasteland .
System requirement
CPU: 2.4 GHz dual core or better
RAM: 1G for XP; 2G for Vista
Hard Drive: 8GB of free space
Video card: 3.0 Shader Support recommended. Nvidia Geforce 7800 or better or ATI Radeon X1800 or better
Download Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare game full PC
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